Welcome to You've Got Manners!

Welcome to You've Got Manners!


    Come along and join the virtual Polite Team of the World. All you have to do is enjoy being mannerly and inspire others to be well-mannered too. Here you will find fun and easy ways to learn and use manners in many different ways in your life~ as kids of all ages from 3 to 93. You will also be able to teach your dogs to be mannerly and well behaved. 


    BOOK # 1 -  “Romeo, Romeo … Fetch us Thy Manners!”    Romeo, an intuitive Standard Poodle, tells us in his own voice how your dog can learn good manners, be welcome almost everywhere you go, and develop an even stronger bond with you and your family.    Romeo, Romeo … Fetch Us Thy Manners ! is co-authored by canine  Manners Messenger Romeo and his master, Juliet. With humor and patience, Romeo and Juliet teach you and your dog the secrets of canine etiquette. You’ll learn that dogs love to be taught good manners, and will soon discover your lessons lead to a happier life for your pup and your mutual human and furry friends.


Here is what readers already have to say: 

"This book is absolutely amazing, informative and invaluable for anyone who has a dog. I learned so much and took notes so that my dog and I can benefit.  This book is filled with intuition, creativity and talent. I could not put down this beautiful and educational work." Diana Olson, image and etiquette specialist, Pasadena, CA 

" I can't express in words how much I love this book. Romeo’s voice comes across in such a gentle manner, but with very solid advice that would be helpful to any dog owner. I would like to purchase several copies to donate to our animal shelter, as it is heartbreaking to see animals mistreated because the owners don't know how to train them and become frustrated." Annette Milionis, pet advocate, Spokane Valley, WA

"I could not put this book down and was almost late for an appointment because of it. We are dog lovers, have had them throughout our life, but do not have one at this time. That said, everyone who reads Romeo’s manners book is going to be entertained while gaining some useful dog training insights and appreciation for good etiquette. I am buying this book for several friends who will love every page, as I do. My husband is eagerly next in line to read it." J. Smelser, Valencia, CA 

" Romeo is such an asset to our residents during their social hour in our memory care center. We and other centers welcome visits from well-trained dogs; they add a positive and valuable experience to our seniors’ lives and add to their happiness. Reading Romeo’s book can add insight into how dogs and their masters communicate in a productive and loving way, producing well-mannered pups. " Julie Wilson, Activities Coordinator, Traditions ( Memory Care), Oakmont of Santa Clarita 



   You’ve Got Manners! children’s book series is here to spread the word, planet-wide, about the value and benefits of having good manners…for kids of ALL ages.  These books are written in the voices of Polly Politely and Milton Manners – Spokeskids for the Polite Team of the World.   

   BOOK # 2 -  is on the subject of dining etiquette: ‘ Table Tips’:  What makes a good table manner ? What if you can’t find the answer anywhere? You will always be able to show good manners if you ask yourself this question: ‘Is what I am doing considerate of the people and circumstances around me ? ’

   BOOK # 3 - SOCIAL MANNERS is about ‘Party Pointers’:  Taking good manners with you to parties and places is always welcome. People who are polite guests are nice to have around.   Come along through these pages and see how many of these social manners you have used. With all of you working together as the Considerate Crew, our world is going to be filled with well-mannered, awesome kids.  Let’s take a look at how you can be the ‘Social Star’ that everyone wants to have along.  

   BOOK # 4 -  RESPECTFUL MANNERS speaks to ‘Tactful Tips’ : There are times when something happens, and a person just does not know what to say. It could be because they are scared, sad, embarrassed, angry, or uncomfortable for some reason. If so, they freeze up and don’t say anything at all. Often, saying the right words helps everyone feel better.  What do you say when you don’t know how to say it?  Being tactful means telling someone how you feel while still being truthful and kind, and without making anyone wrong. It makes the world a considerate and peaceful place.


   BOOK # 5 -  YA TIENES BUENOS MODALES is the Spanish translation of Book 2 on the subject of ‘ Table Tips’: This book is seen in the voices of Carmen Cortesia and Edi Etiqueta.  

Take a peek at a few illustrations inside our manners books, here below in the Photo Gallery.

(1) Salt & Pepper always go together. (2) Meet Polly Politely & Milton Manners. (3) Apologies take courage. 

(4) Be a winner in life. (5) Be party punctual. (6) When visiting friends, observe their house rules.