Shopping For Manners

Shopping for Manners



[ ] Paperback   12.95  [ ] Hardback (available ONLY from this website or emailing  17.95


[ ] YOU'VE GOT MANNERS! ~Table Tips from A to Z   15.95  

[ ] SOCIAL MANNERS ~ Party Pointers from A to Z   15.95

[ ] RESPECTFUL MANNERS ~Tactful Tips from A to Z     15.95 

[ ] YA TIENES BUENOS MODALES (Spanish Table Tips)  15.95


· A BONUS thank-you gift: With any order of 2 or more books, you will receive a bonus thank-you gift of a deck of manners cards:  ‘Pass the Manners , Please !”    This will help defray the cost of shipping.   

( If you wish to purchase additional decks, the cards retail for $9.99). 

  If you wish to have personalized, autographed copies, or would like a discount on a multiple-book order for a fundraiser or a nonprofit, contact


 Thanks for helping to spread the word about good manners for  humans and canines alike!  


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Romeo ... Fetch Us Thy Manners! (Paperback)

Romeo ... Fetch Us Thy Manners! (Hardback)

You've Got Manners ! - Table Tips

You've Got SOCIAL Manners!

You've Got RESPECTFUL Manners!

Ya tienes buenos modales