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About Us




      It all began on a family road trip many years ago – a 1,000 mile vacation through Canada with 3 generations in a mini-van. Many restaurant meals were enjoyed, some in dining rooms with fancy linen tablecloths, to formica-topped tables in fast food diners.  

   In naming and playing with the concept of how important manners are, this dialogue became a family car game. Out of this close time together that summer, a book on table tips was born. From there ideas flourished and topics on good manners expanded to include social issues and respecting daily life. 

   A significant benefit to this book project was forming an Advisory Board, comprised of the author's 5 sensational Grandkids ( pictured below) : Amanda, Alyssa, Jason, Tyler and Emily. 


  “You’ve Got Manners!” children’s book series received  The Mom’s Choice National Book Award for an Illustrated Series.  

 The four books in this children's series  is written in the voices of Polly Politely and Milton Manners – Spokeskids for the Polite Team of the World. It’s here to spread the word planet-wide about the value and benefits of having good manners…for kids of ALL ages ( 3 to 93 !). 

Years later the writing expanded to include good canine manners, and how dogs thrive on being trained to be good canine citizens. They are proud of themselves when learning to be well-behaved and polite, and they want to please their masters. Masters are equally proud of their pups, and a close bonding takes place.

   “Romeo, Romeo … Fetch Us Thy Manners!” is the latest book in the collection, written in 2017. It is coauthored by Juliet and Romeo.  Juliet, as she’s nicknamed by her friends, is also known as Louise Elerding, author of the award–winning series of books listed on this site for children, You’ve Got Manners!  

    Juliet/Louise agreed to be Romeo’s writing hands for this book, as his paws have trouble using a keyboard.    Romeo is her proud canine partner, and together they have accomplished his certification as a registered Therapy Dog. His volunteer work includes visiting patients at the Oakmont Memory Care Center in Valencia, and participating in the R.E.A.D. prorgam at the libraries in Santa Clarita Valley.  

   Romeo and Juliet/Louise live happily in Valencia California, knowing that their meeting was no accident. They enjoy watching the growing awareness and enthusiasm in both canines and people who support and join the Polite Team of the Canine World.     

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of the  illustrations in Romeo's book by Juliet/Louise, requests  from pet lovers and owners are now being made for commissioned PUP PORTRAITS by louise FLEURY elerding. If you are interested in an original drawing of your pup, please write to us on our Contact page here on this website.